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Strategies for teaching vocabulary words

Teaching Strategies / June 16, 2017

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  • The teacher decides on a key word and writes it on the front board.
  • Students then read the key word and are asked to think about other words that come to mind when they read the word. Students then make a list of all of the words.
  • Students share the recorded words, then as a class the words are categorized.
  • Once category names are assigned, a class map is created and discussed.
  • Students are then encouraged to suggest additional categories for the map, or add to the old ones.
  • Any new words that relate to the topic are added to the map as students read through the text.

2. Word Wizard

Cooperative learning is an effective way for students to learn and process information. The jigsaw learning technique is a quick and effective way for students to work with their peers while learning key vocabulary words. For this activity each student is responsible for learning three new words and teaching those words to their group. Here’s how it works:

  • The teacher divides students into groups. Each student in the group is responsible for learning three new words in the chapter.
  • Each “word wizard” is instructed to write the definition of the word in his/her own words as well as draw an illustration of the word.
  • After each “word wizard” has completed their task, it their job to come back to their group and teach their peers what they have learned.
  • Each group member can copy the new words that they learn from each member in their notebooks.

3. Word Detective