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Research based strategies for teaching

Teaching Strategies / April 18, 2019

The Teach 21 Strategy Bank is designed to be a dynamic resource for educators. It contains a multitude of research-based strategies teachers can use to make their classroom instruction more effective, and to address the needs of their diverse students. These strategies have been collected from a variety of sources, including the standards-based units available on Teach 21.

Strategies for Activating Prior Knowledge will help scaffold students so that they can create mental models. Once students have created a mental model for a concept, they can readily learn new information connected to it. Powerful teachers build explicitly on their students' prior knowledge and experience.

Research shows that vocabulary knowledge is the single most important factor contributing to reading comprehension. The Strategy Bank contains a wealth of graphic organizers, word learning strategies, and tips for teachers to ensure that their students acquire the necessary vocabulary.
Strategies for improving student comprehension and helping students summarize materials they have read will be valuable tools for teachers in all content areas. Writing strategies to use across the curriculum will involve students in writing about their learning.

Getting to Know Students strategies will assist teachers in determining the readiness, interests, and learning profiles of their students. Teachers will be better equipped to meet student needs armed with this information.