The Secrets to Classroom Management in South Korea

What are the teaching methods and strategies?

Teaching Strategies / October 11, 2018

This qualitative research aims to investigate the EFL teaching methods, approaches and strategies which would be found in English as a foreign language classes in Lao PDR. To obtain the data, qualitative research methods, namely, observations and interviews were both administered with 5 English teachers, from schools in Vientiane Municipality, who agreed to participate in the research. The results of the study revealed that Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), Grammar Translation Method (GTM) and Total Physical Response (TPR) were three major methods/approaches found in the foreign language classrooms studied. Regarding the language teaching used, the activities found implemented in primary grade level were limited and short while more various activities were found in the secondary level. Many activities in the secondary schools provided the students more opportunity to communicate and use the language. In addition, the activities in the secondary level appeared to be longer and more complicated than those found in the primary level.