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research paper About teaching strategies

Teaching Strategies / July 1, 2017

This discussion focuses on impact of effective teaching strategies on the students’ academic performance and learning outcome along with the researcher’s own experiences. A teacher plays a vital role within a few hours in the classroom by delivering the daily specific planned content which is a part of curriculum for a specific grade. It depends on the teacher to plan it out and use effective strategies for its instructional deliverance. Teachers must have passion for learning and teaching as well as to understand needs and interests of the students. World is changing and advancing day by day, so teachers need to be technology savvies as well, in order to meet new global emerging demands.


Stakeholders all over the world strive for quality education of children. First of all, there is a need to define quality education so that one can differentiate it from less-preferred education. Similarly, there are many educators and researchers who have debated that there are some school variables which influence the students’ achievement in particular. According to Coleman (2003), minimal role is played by the schools as far as the students’ achievement is concerned because it is independent of their background as well as societal factors. On the other hand, a few researchers suggest that factors like class size and space (Glass 2001), the teachers’ qualification (Ferguson, 2004), the school’s size and space (Haller, 1993), and a few more variables play a vital role in what the students learn in general.

Explaining Quality Teaching

Research points out that Quality teaching is tend to necessarily be student-centred. It aims to help most and for all students learning. Therefore, focus should not only be pedagogical skills, but also learning environment that must address the students’ personal needs. Students should also be aware as to why they are working so that they are able to relate to other students and receive help if required.

As a result, great emphasis has been laid on “quality teaching” by many educators. In the same way, there is a need of elaborating the term “quality teaching”. Globalization has influenced each and everyone’s life. Quality, successful and effective learning actually depends on several factors e.g. availability and selection of instructional resources, staffing quality, nature and its level, professional development implication as a system, and also the support of parents and administration. Recently, research also highlights one of the key features of “quality teaching” i.e. student-centred classrooms, which aims to benefit all students learning.