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Teaching to use Telegrams: the most popular questions

Effective Teaching / January 31, 2018

What is Telegrams? How to create a Supergroup there? How to get stickers? How to download videos and create your own channel? These questions began to sound more often now.

Telegram is a cross — platform instant messenger for smartphones that allows you to exchange messages and media files of many formats. You can get great stickers from Telegram Community To view a channel type in a search string address, for example,

But how Telegrams was created? The idea of creating a messenger with protection from viewing the correspondence of external people came to Paul Durov in 2011. He developed the first version of messenger and showed it in 2013 teamed with his brother. In October the same year the official website of the program for the version for "Android" was presented and opened. The clients for other operating systems began to appear from November. By the end of the year "Telegrams" had over 1 million users. In the summer of 2014 the first official version of messenger for the iOS platform appeared. In 2016 the owner of the messenger said that the number of users reached 100 million.

The number of daily messages is 15 billion, which is a record number for the segment, mobile messenger. Over the past few years, the project tried several times to buy a large company, and the creator was subjected to threats and prohibitions by the authorities many times. However, this does not preclude the existence of messenger for the past 6 years and active development in the future.

The clients software can be installed on devices running Android, iOS, Windows Phone. In all cases, the functionality and interface of the application is almost identical to each other, and the procedure for downloading/installation is about the same.