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Effective Teaching / July 22, 2017

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This market-leading text helps pre-service teachers prepare to meet the many challenges presented by the changing face of the American school and classroom teaching today—and discover the opportunities for professional growth and advancement those changes provide.

This widely-popular book illustrates how to apply effective, research-based teaching practices, presented in a conversational style, that are practical and realistic in today’s heterogeneous classrooms. It helps pre-service and new teachers accomplish these goals by:

  • Presenting teaching practices derived from nearly four decades of classroom research selected for their effectiveness with learners;
  • Describing these effective teaching practices in a friendly, conversational manner that is informal and familiar to classroom teachers;
  • Featuring practical, positive prescriptions for classroom teaching success that show how to engage students in the learning process, manage a classroom, and achieve student achievement; and
  • Using a realistic manner by describing what the research says real teachers do in real classrooms to be effective, while identifying which teaching practices they have found to be effective.

The content presented is the direct result of years of research and observation of effective teaching practices in actual classrooms. These are the experiences of real teachers in real classroom, showing future teachers both what to do to meet today’s teaching challenges, and how to do it.

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